Carve open the frenzied mind of Emma Addams and you’ll discover an unruly symphony of many different players.
Jeweller, Artist, Entrepreneur, Hustler - simultaneously compromised but brilliant. 

Amassing a cult following of miscreants & misfits, her macabre work at Melbourne based @heartofbone_ has been worn by the likes of Billie Eilish, Billy Idol and Jean Paul Gaultier to name just a few.

Cut to the heart of what it means to be a creative and businesswoman, and discover that a mixture of ADHD, limited sleep and unlimited Coke Zero is what it takes when the mission to build your own brand runs bone-deep

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Check out the method behind the madness in this behind the scenes AC/DC collab

Emma Addams
Carine Bizet
Shannon Martinez
Tyrone Dylan
Rick Owens

Director X Producer X Editor // Grace Anna Cardona
DOP // Andrew Fenaughty
Camera Op // Carlo Peritore
Camera Op // James Alexander
Sound Mix // Rubato Studios
Colorist // Niklas Malkin

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